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Commissioning & Start Up/

Commissioning & Start-Up

Commissioning & Start-Up is the last visible step of a project execution process. It moves the project from the “end of construction” to the “commercial operation” status. This phase covers initial and primary dynamic tests, including guarantee performance tests.

Initiated from the beginning of design phase, the Commissioning & Start-Up activity aims to validate the construction integrity and confirms that the facilities are delivered in a safe, reliable and operational condition, to project specification.

Commissioning and Start-Up (CSU) planning commences at the FEED stage of the project. Novus provides multidisciplinary commissioning teams: management, engineers and technicians, systems and tools, to deliver the commissioning and start-up phase of projects from early planning, through the development of the required testing and commissioning procedures and other supporting document that defines the specifications for all vendors and contractors. At the transition point, when the CSU process moves to site, Novus provides site teams in all disciplines.

Future-proofing successful commissioning and start-up through design and implementation of proactive systems completions philosophies with the end in mind.

Key Objectives:

  •    Safe delivery of all CSU actions and tasks throughout the project: offsite and onsite.
  •     Completing facilities that meet design requirements.
  •     Testing, verification and certification of components and systems, including data capture.
  •     Build competence in operations teams through engagement and inclusion.
  •     Regular reporting of progress throughout the project with agreed systems and tools.

Commissioning & Start Up/