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Module Interface/

Module Interface

Many major oil and gas projects comprise a significant number of modular process units with integrated piping, electrical, control and fire & gas systems, often manufactured in a number of locations globally. Effective identification and interface management of planned and unplanned carry over work from these modules is vital.

In order to support effective site commissioning and handover, stringent measures are required at module fabrication yards, to ensure full compliance with project specifications, minimize Carry Over Work (COW) to the construction site and to ensure preparation of Quality Control documentation, fully compliant with project requirements.

Barriers to Efficiency

Novus provides systems completion and commissioning supervision teams at module fabrication yards to carry out:

  • Fresh eyes review at the yard to mitigate against unplanned COW
  • Increased exposure study and impact to planning and scheduling, material storage, accommodation, safety and cost with increased site resourcing.
  • Early ID on specifications and local regulations in materials.
  • Full HA inspections by qualified personnel.
  • Interface coordination between underground and stick-build elements.
  • Engineering design change logs at module yards.
  • Compliance to ITP’s from module yards to site.

Typical mitigation examples:

  • Cable coordination and splicing.
  • Compressors arriving with control system internals missing or incomplete.
  • Motherboards missing from skids.
  • Hidden HA terminations not done to HA inspection standards.
  • Interface cable and piping arrangements between underground completed or stick-built work not aligned with module components.