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Our commitment

Our commitment to supporting and adding value for our customers drives everything we do. We deliver innovative solutions to facilitate our customer's success in the global marketplace, providing certainty and credibility.

Our Values

Novus instills a culture of Intuitive Safety Leadership throughout our management and supervision teams.

Intuitive Safety Leadership

Novus instills a culture of Intuitive Safety Leadership throughout our management and supervision teams through: clarity of our values, consistently promoting the safety of personnel as a value above all other business objectives; focused training and development, through our sister company, Ingenium Training and Consulting and the Safe Choice program; governance from our Board of Directors with visible senior leadership visiting our project sites, participating in regular safety walk downs and leadership audits, and at each juncture of our business, illustrating an understanding of personal accountability in the safety and welfare of our people at all levels throughout the organization.

Partnering Culture

We are committed to working in partnership with all project stakeholders to achieve our common goals and ensure successful and seamless delivery of operating plant.


Novus is committed to the training and development of its staff, enabling them to attain the highest possible standards in safe delivery of our programs, whilst simultaneously advancing the careers of our greatest asset–our people.


At Novus, we deliver our projects in compliance with ISO 9000, internationally recognized and accepted Quality Management Systems (QMS), in conjunction with our client’s QMS, where applicable.


We will ensure that project solutions incorporate our vast knowledge database, ranging from industry standards, case studies and particularly lessons learned from projects executed.


We will provide solutions, systems and processes that are sustainable and robust through all our project life cycles.