About Us

Novus Technical Services are specialists in EPC, Commissioning, and Integration services for the international market. Our sector offerings include Energy, Utilities/Power, ICT Data, Mining, and Chemical/Petrochemical, offering end-to-end solutions across the full life cycle of projects. We specialize in Engineering, Systems Completion, Commissioning and Start-Up (C&SU), Telecommunications, Digital Systems, Module Interface and Integration, Modular Building Solutions, Transmission and Distribution (T&D), and Asset Management. With our international capacity and innovative solution-driven culture, Novus has naturally transitioned into delivering mission-critical projects and turnkey solutions for our clients.


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Environmental Sustainability

At Novus we understand the importance of Environmental sustainability.  Our Company is actively working to reduce our impact by promoting a Cloud-based, paperless operation, sourcing & prioritizing recycled and environmentally friendly options from office supplies to branded products, & using innovative company culture to maintain the highest standards of personal & corporate environmental responsibility.


Meet the Team

At Novus, our people are our most important asset. Each member of our team has the opportunity to make a difference. Our entire global community — including our board, advisors, management, staff, supervision and project teams — are committed to the success of Novus and the projects they support and deliver.  Novus is proud to provide a diverse and inclusive environment for all of its employees, partners and clients.

Our Values

Proven Capabilities

Providing specialist solutions with certainty and credibility.

Safety Leadership

Novus instills a culture of Safety Leadership throughout our management and supervision teams through: clarity of our values, consistently promoting the safety of personnel as a value above all other business objectives; focused training and development, through our sister company, Ingenium Training and Consulting and the Safe Choice program; governance from our Board of Directors with visible senior leadership visiting our project sites, participating in regular safety walk downs and leadership audits, and at each juncture of our business, illustrating an understanding of personal accountability in the safety and welfare of our people at all levels throughout the organization.

Partnering Culture

We are committed to working in partnership with all project stakeholders to achieve our common goals and ensure successful and seamless delivery of operating plant.

Agile & Responsive

We are agile and responsive to our clients needs.


Work for Novus

We're always looking for highly qualified Project managers, Project engineers & Technicians for placement across multiple Industries. Please email your resume or CV to careers@novustechserv.com.

Our Staff

Training and Development

Novus is committed to the training and development of its staff, enabling them to attain the highest possible standards in safe delivery of our programs, whilst simultaneously advancing the careers of our greatest asset–our people.

ISO Accredited

Novus Technical Services is fully accredited to the following internationally recognized standards: ISO:45001, ISO:14001 and ISO:9001. These accreditations ensure that Novus consistently delivers safe, environmentally friendly and high-quality projects and services to our clients.