Specialist EPC Solutions

Novus offers comprehensive, full scale Specialist EPC services utilizing the latest technologies and procedures. Novus is an industry leader in the design, construction and commissioning of telecommunication systems and infrastructure, transmission and distribution systems, high voltage substations and Modular E-houses. Our EPC areas of expertise include:

  • Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Electrical Network Services
  • Sub-stations/E-houses
  • Communication Buildings

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Systems Completion & CSU

Systems Completion is the process of delivering a project from engineering to construction, transitioning to full mechanical completion, and then undertaking commissioning in order to make ready for Operations. The objective is to demonstrate that a facility and all its components are built and installed according to the design intent and function according to specifications.

Typically, all major projects are comprised of a significant number of stick-build and/or modular process units with integrated systems, disciplines and multiple designers, constructors, and vendors. Novus Technical Services believes that the timely and effective interface management and coordination of systems and parties in preparation for commissioning is essential.

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Digital Systems Integration

Modern industrial operations frequently depend on information exchange between disparate systems, platforms, and applications. Novus personnel have extensive experience as both a Main Telecom Contractor (MTC) and Main Electrical Contractor (MEC) in all associated aspects of systems integration.

Companies have begun to appreciate the benefits of digital transformation and overall enterprise optimization by utilizing IoT, big data, data analytics and cloud technologies. We assist our clients in navigating through this technology landscape by selecting the right solutions, conducting proof of concepts, and delivering project management, engineering, construction, and commissioning services.

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Project Management Services

Novus Technical Services brings a wealth of experience as part of our integrated approach into each phase of a project. Novus Technical Services believes in optimizing all activities from early project planning through to engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up and operational support. This approach enhances efficiency and performance and delivers cost savings throughout all phases of project execution in order to provide cost and performance certainty to our clients.

Novus has developed a suite of highly integrated project tools and systems to enhance work planning and efficiency throughout any and all of the following project elements:

  • Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED)
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management¬†
  • Construction¬†
  • Commissioning and Start Up (C&SU)
  • Operational and Maintenance (O&M) Support

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Modular Building Solutions

Novus has developed rigorous, pre-fabricated modular building solutions approved for heavy industrial and mining applications. Designed to industrial standards, our buildings are skid-mounted for maximum maneuverability and placement flexibility. All without sacrificing performance or reliability and reducing Opex costs.

Applying our experience and industry knowledge to ensure the most optimized and cost-effective communications and E-house building solutions possible while maintaining requirements, specifications, quality, and schedule.

Asset Management

As a provider of Asset Management Services to multiple industries, Novus Technical Services offers innovative and integrated solutions to assist our clients in maximizing asset uptime and efficiency, minimize fault occurrence and associated downtime, providing engineering solutions and inventory management and optimization.

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